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A N N A . L U C A


Album:  "Listen And Wait"  (released in February 2012 on ChinChin Records)

...we are working on the new album! More info coming soon


S M A L L  F R I E N D L Y  G I A N T

...we are working on our first album! More info coming soon


S T R A G E  A T T R A C T O R feat. anna.luca


Album: FULL CIRCLE (released 2016 on Hey!blau Records)



CL U B   D E S   B E L U G A S


Album: SWOP (released 2008 on Chinchin Records)

Album: ZOO ZIZARO (released 2010 on Chinchin Records

Ablum: Club des Belugas LIVE (released 2010 on Chinchin Records / Sony Music)

Album: FORWARD (released 2012 on Chinchin records)

Album: FISHING FOR ZEBRAS (released 2014 on Chinchin Records)

Album: NINE (released 2016)




A l b u m   s o n g w r i t i n g   a n d   l y r i c s   f o r


Client: Bebo Best

Album: Mamossa

Release: 2913 Chinchin Records


Client: Bahama Soul Club

Album: The Cuban Tapes

Release: 2013, Buyu Records





 Club Jazz Jet (Rambling Records)

Saint-Germain des-Prés Café vol. 10 (Wagram Music)

Nu Jazz Vibrations vol. 1 (Wagram Music)

Soung of Milano Fashion Week vol. 7 (cool d:vision Records)

Nu Jazz Divas (Wagram Music)

KARE Enjoy your Moment vol 3 (released 2008)

The Best of Smooth Jazz Café (released 2008)

Funky Plush Relaxin´with Cherry (Chinchin Records)

Le Chocolat Noir (Rambling Records)

Lounge Motions vol. 1 (California Sunset Records)

Rendezvous JAZZ WOMAN (Magic Records)

BIgsurf Life - Formentera (Halidon)

Saint-Germain des-Prés Café vol. 11 (Wagram Music) 

Club Jazz a la monde vol. 4 (Rambling Records)

Best of Lounge Music (Wagram Music)

City Lounge (Wagram Records)

New York Fashion District (cool de:vision Records)

Obsession Lounge vol. 4 (rClubstar Records)

Aural Affairs vol. 1 (Chinchin Records)

Rendezvous JAZZ WOMAN vol. 2 (Magic Records)

The Performers Nu-Jazz (High Note Records)

Easy Beats vol. 5  (Wavemusic-California Sunset Records)

Sister´s Lounge vol.3 ( Cool d:vision Records)

NU JAZZ DIVAS (High Note Records)

BEIJING vol. 2 (High Note Records)

PRIVÉ the louge anthology (PMB Music/Music Brokers Arg)

Tea House vol. 2 (High Note Records)

The best of Shanghai Lounge (High Note Records)

Swing Beat (Rambling Records)

Hinoter 39 (High Note)

Kiwano Fruit vol. 7 (Musicpark Records)

The Art of Electro Swing (Chinchin Records)

Las Tardes en Ibiza chill music vol. 4 (Aluminium Records)

Top of Chillout Ibiza (Energy Italy)

Modern Jazz Lounge (Sony Music)

Lapis Thai 2 (High Note)

Nujazz Vibrations 1 (Wagram)

Ibiza Beats vol. 3 (Silver Angel Records)

Groove Operator (Magnetic Records)

Riviera Mare vol. 1 (Cinedelic Records)

las tardes en Ibiza vol. 4 (Aluminium Records)

Weißblau vol.8 (wavemusic)

City Lounge 6 (Wagram)

Fruit 7 Kiwano (Musicpark Österreich)

Top Lounge Bar (Energy Italy)

Florence Fashion District (Energy Italy)

Lounge Anthology (Music Brokers – Argentina)

Renevouz Jazz Women 2 (Magic Records – Poland)

Nujazz Divas (Wagram)

UWAGA Vol. 6 (Magic Records)

Chill Out Anthology (Music Brokers Arg/PMB Music)

PRIVÉ the louge anthology II (PMB Music/Music Brokers Arg)

The Best Of Shanghai Lounge (High Note)

Chill im Parkhotel vo. 2 (musicparc Records)

Cosmic Dancer (Sony Greece)

Seize the day (Magic Records)

Nastaw Si Na Chillout 6 (Magic Records)

Easy Beat 5 (Wavemusic)

Nujazz Vibrations 1 (Wagram)

New Jazz Divas (Wagram)

Saint-Germain des-Prés Café vol.11 (Wagram)

City Lounge 6 (Wagram)

Jazzy Lounge Vol 2 (Wagram)

Berlin Lounge (Wagram)

Ibiza Fever 2010 (Wagram)

Music & the City (Wagram)

Merrerli M vol 11 (ZAP Music)

Modern Jazz Lounge (Sony Music) 

NuJazz Essentials (Wagram)

Ballroom Nights 3 (Casa Musica)

Jazzy Lounge Cinema 4 (Isound Labels)

Slow Beat on the Farmer´s Floor (Sevenboom)

SEVVA (Love da Group HonKong)

Chill im Parkhotel 2 (Musicpark)

Catwalk Glamour 5 (High Note)

Fruit 7 (Musicpark)

Bistro Lounge Music (High Note)

Coca Cola (Wave Music)

London Fashion District (Energy)

Miami Fashion District (Energy)

DPI 14 (Peacelounge)

Big City Bar 3 (Warner Music)

Lapis Thai 3 (Hinote)

Privee (Music Brokers)

Chillout Anthology (Music Brokers)

Nastaw Chillout vol. 6 (Magic Records) 

Easy Beats 5 (Wave Music)

Momer 360 (Music Brokers Argentina)

Nastaw Chillout vol. 7 (Magic Records)

Kiwano Fruit 7 (Musicpark)

High Society Fantasy 2 (Universal Music Singapore)

Buttler´s Dinner Tunes 2 (Electric Lounge)

Schüco Green Grooves (Wave Music)

Pinacolada Vol. 6 (Universal Poland=)

Catwalk Glamour 7 (hinote Taiwan)

Best of lounge Paris (Wagram)

City Lounge 9 (Wagram)

The Ambiance (Artistmusic)

Best of Lounge 2012 (Wagram)

Shanghai Lounge (Hinote Taiwan)

Travelstories (Compactdiscclub)


...more coming soon

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