A N N A  L U C A

Coming from a family of classical musicians, the german-swedish singer and composer Anna Luca Mohrhenn started her musical career early at the piano. As a teenager, the classical trained pianist searched for a more free and direct form of expression and discovered her voice and songwriting as the right form for her artistry. She experimented with Hip Hop, Electronica, listened to Tom Waits and learned to love Jazz. 


While studying at the Artez conservatory in Arnhem, Netherlands, she was discovered by the well-known Nu-Jazz project  C L U B   D E S   B E L U G A S. Their first collaboration SWOP was followed up by six more studio albums, several collaborations with other artists of ChinChin Records and a few years of extensive touring all over the world.

In 2013 her first solo-album “Listen And Wait“ was released in ChinChin Records.


For her second solo-album A N N A  L U C A  has joined up with producer and composer Rasmus Zschoch. Together they started to draw more heavily from electronic music again, using electronic instrumentation to contrast her lyrical melodies and the depth of her storytelling.


With her new project   S M A L L   F R I E N D L Y   G I A N T  she combines the simplicity of scandinavian folk music with the liberty of Modern Jazz. Together with Pianist Roman Babik, bass player Sebastian Räther and drummer Yonga Sun, she is searching for musical and lyrical freedom, as much as unpretentious transparency. Playful at one moment, expressive and intense at the next, they always know how to stay grounded.


Apart from her own projects Anna Luca Mohrhenn has been working as a freelance composer and songwriter. She has written music for the motion pictures „Kids In Love“, „Axel Der Held“, „Ressac“ and „Keep Surfing“ , the short-film “Rot-Rot-Rot“, as well as for several TV shows (Germany, Mexico, US) and collaborated with artists such as Max Schweder for his project STRANGE ATTRACTOR.