by Arne Schramm
by Arne Schramm

S M A L L  F R I E N D L Y   G I A N T 

The Band surrounding the swedish-german singer and composer  Anna Luca Mohrhenn combines the simplicity of scandinavian folk music with the liberty of Modern Jazz. In her lyrics and compositions Anna Luca is looking for freedom as well as her own roots, creating inner images yet letting the listener have his own associations at the same time.

Lyric poetry meets rhythmics – Pianist Roman Babik, who is a winner of the Montreux Jazz Competition, and Anna Luca have been friends and collaborators since they met at musical college in Arnhem. Bass player Sebastian Räther has worked with Angelika Niescier and Nils Wogram; with his very special sound and expressive playing he is one of the foundations of the quartet. Last but not not least Yonga Sun on drums is a soundfreak, who knows how to give room to fragile melodies and give a foundation with calm depths.

On the lookout for roots and a home the SMALL FRIENDLY GIANT travels with his four companions – a very commited community. Sounding delicate and playful at one moment, expressive and intense at the next, they always know how to stay grounded.

A   N   N   A   .   L   U   C   A

Together with producer and composer Rasmus Zschoch, A N N A . L U C A  started to draw more heavily from electronic music again, using electronic instrumentation to contrast her lyrical melodies and the depth of her storytelling. Anna.Lucas Songs are hymns – dark and at the same time full of hope. They are a brutally honest and deeply poetical mirror of our time. Highly political, yet never with an agenda. 

Rasmus Zschoch beats and arrangements are as detailed and complex as Anna.Lucas compositions. But the true value of his work lies in the courage of leaving gaps, the love for small noises, tactile but at the same time abstract and definitely mesmerizing.

With their drummer Chris Mohrhenn, they form a fellowship of like-minded musicians that combine dynamics and an almost childish playfulness with musical sense and sensibility.

I  W R I T E  L O V E S O N G S  F O R  M O V I E S 



STARRING  WIll Poulter, Alma Jodorowsky, Cara Delevingne, Jamie Blackley, Sebastian de Souza, Preston Thompson and Gala Gordon.

DIRECTED BY: Chris Foggin  


STARRING: Emilia Schüle, Johannes Kienast

DIRECTED BY: Hendrik Hölzemann