A N N A . L U C A   / /   S M A L L   F R I E N D L Y   G I A N T

by Norman Tebel
by Norman Tebel

The swedish-german singer and composer Anna.Luca grew up in a family of classical musicians, with her piano as her constant companion. As a classical trained pianist, she always searched for more direct and open forms of expression. She experimented with electronic music and pop and fell in love with jazz.

Anna.Luca finds great joy in ignoring and bending genre borders. Her new record SMALL FRIENDLY GIANT is there for first of all a journey to trace her own roots – a musical journey through her own biography. Like her two languages, classical music, pop and jazz are inseparably woven together with the musical tradition of her swedish heritage. Anna.Luca has poured her own history into her music and has given it the melodical abstraction, that you can only find in jazz if you let it run free. Structure and outbreak alternate, improvisations are followed by pre-composed, polyphone structures. Scandinavian-melancholic melodies and complex rhythmical structures can unfold together organically. Anna.Luca and her Band are searching for musical and lyrical freedom, as much as for unpretentious transparency. Playful at one moment, expressive and intense in the next. Fairytales blur together with long gone memories, urban complexity change into dark woods and in it all lies the wish to catch life´s entirety in a single glimpse of a moment. 





HANNO BUSCH – bass, guitar





A N N A . L U C A   / /   A L X R

by Arne Schramm
by Arne Schramm

Together with producer and composer Rasmus Zschoch,  A N N A . L U C A  started to draw more heavily from electronic music again, using electronic instrumentation to contrast her lyrical melodies and the depth of her storytelling. Anna.Lucas Songs are hymns – dark and at the same time full of hope. They are a brutally honest and deeply poetical mirror of our time. Highly political, yet never with an agenda. 

Rasmus Zschoch beats and arrangements are as detailed and complex as Anna.Lucas compositions. But the true value of his work lies in the courage of leaving gaps, the love for small noises, tactile but at the same time abstract and definitely mesmerizing.

With their drummer Chris Mohrhenn, they form a fellowship of like-minded musicians that combine dynamics and an almost childish playfulness with musical sense and sensibility.



ANNA LUCA MOHRHENN - vocals, composition

RASMUS ZSCHOCH - electronics