I´ve started to write music for the german movie: AXEL DER HELD! I´ll keep you posted...

Find out more: http://www.ostlicht.de/de/projekte/detail/axel-der-held-at/


What a magic night! Thanx to my man Max Schweder, the wonderful JOA, Cylvester, Tobias Hartmann and the amazing crew for the sound, light and visuals. And for everybody who came along and celebrated with us! I´m full of love....


STRANGE ATTRACTOR release party tomorrow....! I can´t wait!


PEOPLE, I´M IN LOVE! And I want you all to meet him...
This has been one of the most beautiful, challenging and inspiring collaborations of my life. Honestly, I´m blissed out!




Andreas Falentin hat für "Die Deutsche Bühne" ein paar Zeilen über unseren utopischen Abend geschrieben:


I woke up after our concert yesterday and everything feels slightly different, as if a new color had been added to the world... I´m feeling "YInMn blue" today!

Thanks to Thomas Fiedler and Jan Dvorak (Kommando Himmelfahrt), Jan Röttger, Lucia Lucas, Thomas Braus, Partita Radicale, the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra with Johannes Pell, the Wuppertal Opera Chorus!

This was magic!


On tuesday I´m going to sing with some of my favourite colleagues and the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra as a part of the "Sound of the City" project! It is the first time I´m going to sing with an orchestra - something I´ve been wanting to do all my life. Thomas Fiedler (Kommando Himmelfahrt), a creative animal from Berlin, has gathered 200 musicians to join his "BUND DER UTOPISTEN" (union of utopists) and I´m very excited to be a part of this!


I´m so thankful that music is taking me to places like this and that my boys are always by my side! 10 years of travelling together...


I´m writing music for a fantastic new movie. It is a very inspiring work... In the middle of the rush of Berlin I´ve found a hide away. The sun in shining through my window and is warming my back while I write!

Life is good today!


Can´t wait! Small Friendly Giant tonight...


Ganz, ganz große Freude!!
live @ Jazzschmiede, Düsseldorf
Freitag // 14.10.16 // 20:30
Anna Luca (voc, comp.), Roman Babik (p), Sebastian Räther (b), Yonga Sun (dr)


Oh happy day! Two of our songs (the 2 tracks at the beginning of the trailer) have been chosen for the movie "KIDS IN LOVE" starring stars as Cara Delevingne and Will Poulter.

I´m blissed! This is crazy....

"the only way to find yourself is to lose yourself completely"


Good ol´ Wuppervalley:
27. August 2016, 22:30 Uhr im Wicked Woods, Viertelklang 


I´m back home from a beautiful summer in Sweden, England, Romania and France. Thanks to all the wonderful people who danced with us and sang along...! And thank you for all the inspiration - it was a very special trip!


Club des Belugas' 9th studio album, which is simply called "NINE", will be released on September 30, 2016It's a 2 CD album with 30 tracks in total, 13 brand new ones and 17 mostly unreleased remixes, which will be available physically and digitally for the price of 1 CD!
Many well-known vocalists appear on this fantastic album:
Anna-Luca (Sweden), Anne Schnell (Germany), Antoine Villoutreix (France), Arema Arega (Cuba), Ashley Slater (UK), Brenda Boykin (USA), Dean Bowman (USA), Ester Rada (Israel), Iain Mackenzie (UK), Nelly Simon (Germany), Saskia Jonker (The Netherlands) and Veronika Harcsa (Hungary).


Very tired, but very happy! I love to be back in beautiful St. Petersburg....


We had a blast @ Kesselhaus Kolbermoor! Thank you so much for the invitation...
Now we´re getting ready for St. Petersburg. I´m so much looking forward to see this amazing city again!
After almost ten years of travelling I still can´t believe that music is taking me to all of these beautiful places.


anna.luca - voc  / /  Brenda Boykin - voc  / /  Roman Babik - keys  / /  Detlef Höller - Guitar  / / Matze Bangert - Bass  / /  Roland Peil - Percussion  / /  Mickey Neher - drums  / / Karlos Boes - Sax  / /  Philip Schug - Trombone  / / Lars Kuklinski - Trompet


Great news!!!

Two of my songs will be in the movie " Kids in Love" starring Will Poulter, Alma Jodorowsky, Sebastian de Souza, Preston Thompson, Cara Delevingne, Gala Gordon!


"Set against the backdrop of an underground, bohemian London, Kids In Love offers a new take on the traditional coming of age story. Drifting through his gap year with internships and travel plans, Jack (Will Poulter) has always suspected there was more to life than this. A chance encounter with the beautiful and ethereal Evelyn (Alma Jodorowsky) and her friends, including free spirited Viola (Cara Delevingne), swerves his life radically off course. She is like no one he's ever met before, and he quickly becomes caught up in a whirlwind of all-day parties and wild nights in London's hidden dives with her charismatic friends. Giving up everything to follow Evelyn and her hedonistic lifestyle, it takes Jack a while to realise what he's leaving behind, that love isn't a game you want to lose and that these people might not be the kindred spirits he first thought."  (SOURCE: IMDb)


Magic....! No words, just love!

Hanno Busch Guitar, Tobias Philippen Keys, Claus Fischer Music bass, Andy Pilger Attacks, drums!
(photo credit: Jörg Dembinski - von Herzen Dank für´s Einfangen!)


We had a blast @ SIENCE SLAM, in Dortmund!!


anna.luca et Monsieur Batterie

anna.luca - voc, keys

Florian Bungardt - drums


(Photo by Sveda Gettys)



Hi there, Australia!

My music has travelled all the way to "down under"! I LOVE IT!


We had a wonderful sold out (thank you so much) night at the Steinway House in Düsseldorf! Thank you so much for the invitation, for listening and for making that night really special!


NOthing but love for my wonderufl band - with you it is like flying!


Ich freue mich wirklich ganz besonders darauf, nächste Woche (20.4.16) mit meinem Quartett im Steinway-Haus in Düsseldorf zu spielen...
Mit meinen wunderbaren Jungs im Rücken und an meiner Seite ist es wie fliegen!
Ich würde mich von Herzen freuen, Euch zu sehen!

RESTKARTEN VERFÜGBAR unter 0211 493 937-0 oder ih@steinway-duesseldorf.de


I just came back from a gig with the Club des Belugas Quartet in Monaco - it felt like a different universe! Far, far away from home....

I miss the ocean already!


Ich freue mich riesig!
Heute Abend im Jazzkeller Krefeld:
Anna Luca - voc, Andy Pilger – drums, Martin Gjakonowski – bass
Jesse Milliner – keys, Renis Mendoza – percussion
Einlass ab 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: ca. 21:30 Uhr


Happy New Year!


Morgen Abend improvisierte Technosause im wunderbaren SOMMERLOCH (und vieles mehr!)
Und das Beste daran ist, ich habe keine Ahnung was passieren wird...nur, dass es dafür keine bessere Gang geben könnte!

Kommt vorbei und tanzt!


anna.luca - Gesang
Phelios - Drummachine / Synths
Vincent Stange - Piano
Maik Ollhoff - Drums / Percussion


Just got these amazing pictures from our gig in Bucharest! That surely was a night to remember!
Thank you for all the dancing, shouting, singing along and all the energy! Hope to be back soon...


Je pense à vous avec tout mon coeur!


For the first time in my life: anna.luca Solo! Terrifying....


Tonight with Club des Belugas in Cologne (woohoo!):
20:00, Harbour Club...bringt die Tanzschuhe mit!


Sending love to our friends in Bukarest! We had a wonderful weekend playing at THE FRESH Club and some very interesting conversations about the political situation in your beautiful country!
It's wonderful to see so many people taking action and fighting against a corrupt system! You're beautiful when you are angry...
My thoughts go out to the families that lost their loved ones!!


We had such a wonderful night at the JAZZVILLE Festival, Weißenhäuser Strand. I had the chance to meet new colleagues and enjoy their music, party with our great audience and to take a long walk at the beach!
I think I share the feeling of instantly being at home when I see the ocean with everybody who also grew up right be the sea!
Thank you, JAZZVILLE for having us! I'm very happy to have been part of your premiere...! What a great addition to the jazz festival world!!


Last weekend ‪#‎jazzradiomoscow‬ invided us to play at the beautiful "Teatr Estrada" (театр Эстрады) in Moscow. We had such a wonderful night with an amazing audience and the old theater sure had a very special vibe!
Thanks to everybody who made it such great trip...!
I hope to be back soon


Sometimes, when you are really lucky, you get this in tour! Tonight we are playing at the beautiful Lago di Garda...life is good!


Ganz besonders große Freude - heute Abend im Rahmen der Museumsnacht in Dortmund:

Babik & Markitantov Duo feat. Anna Luca
21:30 Uhr domicil, Dortmund:
Roman Babik - Piano
Dimitrij Markitantov - Saxophone
Anna.Luca - Vocals


Getting ready for the first autumn gigs - can´t wait to travel again! Hope to see you somewhere on the road... (for more info go to "dates")


19.9.15 // Domicil // Dortmund // Germany
2.10.15 // Euphoria Music Hall // Cluj // Romania
16.10.15 // The Moscow Stage Theatre//Moscow // Russia
23.10.15 // The Fresh // Bukarest // Romania
25.10.15 // Stadtgarten // Köln // Germany
30.10.15 // Jazzville Festival - Weissenhäuser Strand // Germany
31.10.15 // KOMMkultur // Wolfenbüttel // Germany


Magic, truly magic! A night of improvised music with fantastic and inspiring colleagues...
Now I know, I can fly...


Thank you, Ernst Luk, for the wonderful picture!


Tobias Philippen - Keys

Hanno Busch - Guitar

Krischan Frehse- Bass

Andy Pilger - Drums


Heute Abend mit zwei ganz neuen Songs im Gepäck:


20:20, Engelsfest Wuppertal (Tip: direkt vor uns spielt die großartige Rembetiko Band)

9 Musikacts, 13 Lesungen/Poetry Slams und Tanz...u.a. mit dabei auch Kollege Jonas David und die wunderbare Rembetiko Band


Sound Lake City Open Air - Anna Luca Quartet feat. Denis Gäbel

Was für ein Abend - es war uns ein Fest!

"Super Stimmung, wunderbare Künstler und ca. 1000 tolle Gäste, die uns trotz Regen treu geblieben sind. DANKE an alle! Es war großartig!"

... so soll es sein!


I can´wait to play some of my favorite songs together with these wonderful and inspiring musicians - I´ve been wanting to do that for a very long time.
I´ll bring a few own songs, wonderful swedish jazz tunes from home and we´ll borrow some from Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Duke Ellington and many more...


Anna Luca Quartet feat. Denis Gäbel on saxophone
anna.luca - vocals
Sebastian Gahler - Piano
Nico Brandenburg - Bass
Christian Mohrhenn - Drums


Anna Luca Quartet feat. Denis Gäbel



Aasee-Terrassen, Münster


Ein paar Worte über unser Konzert auf Burg Lüttinghof von Stefan Pieper (nrwjazz.net)

"Keine Unbekannten auf der Wasserburg Lüttinghof sind die zehn Mitstreiter vom „Club des Beluga“. In Wuppertal gegründet, lebt hier eine Art beständiges Kollektiv, in dem sich viele profunde Musiker unserer Region vereinen, etwa Trompeter Lars Kuklinski, der omnipräsente Pianist und Keyboarder Roman Babik oder der Drummer Mickey Neher. Sie alle konstituieren hier eine Formation, in der ständig ganz viel Bandchemie auf dem Siedepunkt reagiert, wo aber auch ganz viele unerschöpfliche solistisch-improvisatorische Geschichten erzählt werden. Und dieser illustre, hemmungslos spielbesessene Club setzte bei dieser Festivalausgabe in punkto mitreißender Partystimmung nochmal locker eins drauf gegenüber dem Vorjahres-Auftritt: Rock und Funk ließen die Luft brennen, breitwandige Swing-Einwürfe, Ennio-Morricone-Gitarrenschmelz, Soul, Gospel, aber auch die unmittelbar an die Beine appellierenden Triphop- und Nujazz-Beats machten das Feuerwerk über zwei mitreißende Stunden perfekt, ließen es in den Stuhlreihen immer leerer und im Raum vor der Bühne schon nach kurzer Zeit brechend voll werden. Abwechslung bietet der Club des Belugas bekanntlich in der Präsentation seiner Sängerinnen. Eine überaus gute, ja charismatische Figur machte Anna Luca bzw anna.luca, die wirklich eine große, sinnliche, soulig deepe Stimme ihr eigen nennt - und hier ihre ganz eigenen, sehr persönlichen Songs in Szene setzte. Dann – kurios genug – erfolgte eine Ablösung am Gesangsmikro. Dann nämlich übernahm die gebürtige Kalifornierin und heute in Wuppertal lebende Blues-Sängerin Brenda Boykin das Regiment – und wie! Sie legte alle Hemmungen ab, bejahte das Unanständige, da ja Samstagabend ist, gab Zoten und Geschichten zum besten – und ihr tiefschwarzes, raues kehliges, mit dem ganzen Bluesschlamm des Missisippi Deltas getränktes Gesangstimbre war sowieso eine Macht für sich.

Alles in allem: ein Neustart nach der Sommerpause voller Leichtigkeit!" nrwjazz.net


Tonight with Club des Belugas:

2. OPEN-AIR JAZZ-NACHT auf die Burg Lüttinghof.

"Schon im letzten Jahr brachten der "Club des Belugas" zum fortgeschrittenen Abend die Fun-Jazz-Gemeinde auf Lüttinghof_Die Burg im Wasser in Wallungen. CdB ist eine der weltweit führenden Nujazz Bands. Der Musik ihres Nujazz Styles mit Brazilian Beats, Swing und American Soul kann sich niemand entziehen und ist an Intensität und Energie kaum zu überbieten ist." nrwjazz.net


You beautiful party people,see you in a bit!!
Untold Festival Cluj Napoca 2015!


Bye-bye, beautiful - see you next year! Next stop, Untold Festival Cluj Napoca 2015...


Everness Fesztivál bliss! "Örömzene"....

We love the EVERNESS festival right at the Balaton Lake in Hungary. Beautiful, free spirited people, hard working and committed staff, amazing food, yoga at the beach...and one of the most special gigs in my life! Thank you so much, you wonderful dancing hippy crowd!


"anna.luca et monsieur batterie" learned a lot at the Science Slam in Dormund last week! For example that we can charge an alkaline battery, that plants are much easier to understand than women (really??!!), that history hasn´t made us as any wiser and that smiling is pretty contagious! Thank you so much for having us...


Can´t wait!
Here are the first summer/autumn tourdates:

A N N A . L U C A
25.6.2015 / / Everness Festival // Hungary


30.7.2015 / / Untold Festival / / ROMANIA
8.8.2015 / / Kultursommer, Schloss Lüttinghof / / GERMANY
30.10.15 / / Jazzville Festival, Weissenhäuser Strand / / GERMANY
31.10.15 / / KOMMKultur, Wolfenbüttel / / GERMANY


A N N A L U C A Q U A R T E T feat. Denis Gäbel
14.8.2015 / / Münster / / GERMANY


Thank you all so much for two wonderful nights, good talks, new ideas and for your wonderful music, Bodek Janke, Gilad Hekselman, Petros Klampanis and Pablo Giw...! I´m blissed!
(picture: Elisa Essex ♥)


Wir freuen uns riesig!

SMALL FRIENDLY GIANT Studiokonzert • Live-Recording und Filmproduktion

Samstag 14. März 2015
20:30 Uhr · Einlass 19:30 Uhr
Uedemer Straße 15
Begrenzte Besucherzahl


Noch ein paar sehr schöne Worte über unser Konzert in Gelsenkirchen! Von Herzen Dank dafür:




Heute Abend um 20:30 mit SMALL FRIENDLY GIANT in der Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf...Wir freue uns riesig!


Vielen Dank für den wunderbaren Abend im LOFT, Köln, am 3.5.15 und allerliebsten Dank an Dorina Köbele-Milaş für die ganz besonderen Photo:


Bye bye, Hamburg - Good morning, Istanbul!

4 days in one of the most beautiful cities of the world with my quartet... Life is good!


Woohoo - Victoriy Secret just released their 2014 swim wear spot with our song "The Road Is Lonesome"... check it out!



my voice for Penaten and Ninas baby adventure:



I´ve started to work with a wonderful new project called "small friendly giant". It feels like being in love...




Happy New Year, everybody!

Thank you so much for your support - it means the world to us!
It's going to be a good year, I'm sure. Mine is starting with hot soup, family, sun and music...

New year, new record - can't wait to start working!!



LÄTTA "Immer schön frisch bleiben"


Eine schwedische Stimme für eine "echte Schwedin"...

My swedish voice for a swedish export...





Kira Knightley and Anna Luca (with NHB) for Vöslauer (-:



Recording Session!

My boys, Laura and me are right now recording 6-7 songs to find out what we want our next album to sound like. It´s wonderful to work like this - very open and very playful. We don´t have to nail it yet... Everything is still possible!





Look what we did!

 "Life it up"  for the 2013 Opel Cascada commercial... so much fun!



Anna Luca Quartet Homepage online!!

by patrick essesx
by patrick essesx

The homepage for my new project "Anna Luca Quartet" is online. Mostly in german still but I´m working on an english version...(-:




„(...) den Zuhörern blieb sprichwörtlich die Spucke vor Begeisterung weg. Anna Luca zeigte eine weitere Facette dessen, wie moderner Jazz klingen kann.“ (Westdeutsche Zeitung)


anna.luca `LISTENANDWAIT´ Album review

Love that!! Thank you...


„As the American jazz scene continues to dull, gathering its many shriveled variants into one bucket (labeled New York City), the International Jazz Scene continues to grow, producing new and exciting talent each year—from the Netherlands to Australia, the “most American art form” is finding vital restoration overseas. Anna Luca is one such act, a Swedish/German singer/songwriter and veteran of Nu jazz act Club Des Belugas. Listen and Wait marks her first solo effort, an incredibly luminous and variegated work. “
(Taylor Cowan - pop´stache)

17.9 - 21.9.2012

We´ve been on tour in Russia! 

Boris and Ilya Mamay (booking machine agency) made me change my mind about so many things, they let me see so much beauty and let us feel so at home! We love and miss you, guys!
And what great, great audiences! We were surely blessed - I´m so tired and so blissed! The feeling of warm happiness lingers...!
Thank you all!





YEAH, YEAH, YEAH - `leave golden prints on my skin´ LIVE @ Stadtgarten, Cologne finally online!

Special thanks to our wonderful, wonderful Dorina Köbele-Milas for the video (www.dorinamilas.com), Marcus Ugljanin and his team for the amazing live sound and the great recording/mixing job (www.schallmeister.de), to the Stadtgarten - Cologne for having us, to the best band I could think of and the greatest audience you could get!

It surely was a night to remember...

Thank you so much - I´m blissed!!









I´m starting to get excited about my trip to Siberia tomorrow - I´ve never been so far from home! I´m looking forward to play in Novosibirsk... I can´t believe that music is taking me there!





Club Des Belugas feat. anna.luca

Two of our songs are on the compilation of the Cosmopolitan Magazin (June) - in stores now!

Good read - good music! We like it...







I´ve been on tour with my solo project anna.luca to promote our first album "Listen And Wait" and had a wonderful, wonderful time!

It is amazing what happened to us while travelling, playing and by just spending time together.


Thank you so much for coming along and for your warm welcome... we´re blissed!

We´ll be in England and France this summer playing,  rehearsing my new songs and relaxing together.

In autumn we´ll be on tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I´m looking forward to that but also to a summer of songwriting... and good wine, big waves and my boys!








We have been rehearsing for the Releaseparyt/Tour the last few weeks and now we are very excited to go on the road!


For all you good ol´ germans:


Der Vorverkauf für die Releaseparty am 29.2.2012 im Stadtgarten, Köln hat begonnen:


VVK 12 €

AK 15 €

(VVK über Off-TicketKölnTicket sowie ohne VVK Gebühr im Stadtgarten









The anna.luca album "LISTENANDWAIT" arrived today! We are all very excited and happy! Thanks again toMaurice Redmond (www.mauriceredmond.com) for the great (greater, greatest) cover design, Björn Richi Lob (www.bjoernrichielob.com) for the beautiful cover picture and to Nick Faulkner, Wollo and Chris Mohrhenn for hours of editing! And of course to Martin @ ChinChin Records for making it possible! I know I can be quite stubborn - thanks for letting me do this!


Now we are all looking forward to the release and for playing the album LIVE....again and again and again - if you let us!


Release Party on 29.2.2012, Stadtgarten Köln!




For more information:









"Don´t threaten me with love, baby! Let´s just go walking in the rain..."


B i l l i e   H o l i d a y